Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching up a little..

Is it Friday yet?  It sure feels like it should be,I am tired this evening.  The last couple evenings I have been getting a little sewing done.

Although I missed the link up for the ALYOF for June,that doesn't mean my goals for the month have to wait until next month.  This one is block # 7.

Block # 8 Sugar and Spice!  This was my first "love"from the Riley Blake Team,and it still is high on my list of favorites :)

Number 9,the Fall barn block...

Finally block # 10,with this block I am actually ahead (even if only for a day)!  That also means that there are only two more blocks to go!  Now I need to start working on catching up on my BOM blocks...

My Rainbow Charms arrived in the box today!  I have been trying not to drool all over them ;)


  1. I love these barn blocks! It's cool that each one encompasses a different sub-block as well. What a fun project. :)
    Do you have anything planned for those gorgeous rainbow charms?

  2. I love your barns! Keep on trucking with your goals!!!


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