Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time to Remember

On this Memorial Day Weekend,no matter where you are,or what you are doing... Please take a moment to Remember and thank those that Have Served/Are Serving (Sacrificing).  So that we can enjoy the Freedom to Celebrate (among other things).

Thank You Gilbert Rodriguez,Lee Morris,and Robert Keeling for your Service & Sacrifices,so that I might enjoy the Freedoms I enjoy Daily.

Yesterday we had a visitor in one of the Aspen trees,after a couple of failed attempts at a photo,this beauty finally held still long enough for a photo.

It takes a Manly Man to carry a clutch ;)  This afternoon I worked on testers for my nice's bridesmaids.  Since I had to use the flash for this photo,the colors are washed out :(  The photo I sent from my phone this afternoon still has not showed up in my email)

She asked for linen,but is open to other fabrics.  So since the linen in my stash is not going to work I thought I would see if home dec fabric would work.  It does,but the seams are a bit bulky,so we shall see what she thinks after being able to inspect them up close.

A little produce bag,which is a perfect item for the Farmers Market!  Of course I had to start off with some veggie fabric.

This one is large enough to hold a small net bag of lemons,I am thinking of making them in differing sizes.

Of course I sewed some other things this week but,those are a secret!  Until June 4th,which is my day to post for the "say it with Flowers" blog hop!  (button on my side bar)


  1. cute little purses. Really like your bag. Have a great Memorial Day

  2. Yes, thank you to all servicemen and women for protecting our freedoms!

    The clutch bags look really good, I especially like the gray, black, and yellow. Those are your colors! What are the colors for the wedding?

    Did you have the farmers market this weekend?

  3. Love the farmer's market bags. I'll have to make a few of those.

  4. I love the little bags, and thank you for the reminder. Some people seem to think that Memorial Day is actually National BBQ Day.

  5. Your clutches are wonderful. I love the fabric in the first one. Your niece's bridesmaids are very lucky. This is a lovely idea ... :) Pat

  6. I noticed you entered a stash giveaway awhile back and wanted to let you know I have a traveling stash giveaway and it ends tomorrow, you have a great chance of winning since there is so far only 1 person signed up:


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