Monday, May 20, 2013

re ~useable grocery bags

Looking for the Stash Box Giveaway?  Just scroll down the the previous post,it will be open until Wednesday evening :)

This topper was quilted with simple straight line quilting.  For the binding I picked some green and grey and threw in a couple DS scraps too.

This quarter over on FB we are swapping re ~ useable shopping bags.  This was my first tester,I purchased the pattern from It was an easy to follow pattern,and sewed up in a jiffy!

My second (and favorite one) was a Free Tutorial This one kicked my butt,not because it is hard to sew.  The fault was all mine!  I cut the lining two inches short of the requirements,oops!  Took me a while to figure out where I went wrong.  Once the measurements were corrected it went together like a breeze :)

The March blocks for the Pile O Fabric BOM are completed but,I accidentally deleted them!  So will show them to you in another post.


  1. Nice looking bags! I see you are doing the 'say it with flowers'. I'm not getting in on it, but I will follow it.

  2. I haven't been around all week because I haven't been feeling well. I love the bags! You have a very lucky partner!

  3. I really like the Michelle Patterns grocery tote. The top part with the handles is a shape I really like and fits my style. This is sad, but I've had empty chicken feed bags in my garage for years waiting to be made into grocery bags for my mom and sister (both chicken farmers of sorts). I should really get around to it someday...


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