Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yarn Bombing & a Quilt finish

With all the Bad,Sad,depressing news lately...  I thought you all might like to see a "good Bombing"

Have you ever seen/experienced a "Yarn Bombing"?  Until a couple years ago,I had not even heard of the term.  At the time I was reading an article in the local paper,about some vandals that had stolen the artists yarn from the statue,in the park she had yarn bombed.

The local elementary school is just a stones throw from our house,the other night while driving to the grocery store I asked Mr. P. "what is all that on the playground fence"?  It was to dark to see clearly,we decided it was flowers.  The next day after work I went to check it out in the light of day.  It was so nice to see a "good bombing"  and in my own neighborhood too :)  It has been about a week,since I first noticed this work of art,and so far it is still there!

This is the quilt that was in progress that I mentioned on Sunday's post.

Here it is all finished!  This evening after dinner the quilt and I went to the Steam Plant for a photo shoot :)  The pattern is called Modern Mirrors,it is from the book Modern Basics,by Amy Ellis.

The full size called for 28 blocks,so the two extra I made went on the back side of the quilt.  The light grey print has birds all over,the yellow at the top is a dotty print.  Since Mr. P. didn't go with me I had to flip the top over the cement wall and then tuck a bit in behind the fence,and snap my shots quickly.  As usual it is windy today,at least it was only about 10 15 mph,instead of the gusts of 50 - 60 we had the last couple days.

Since I was right there I thought you might like to see the tree a local artist donated to the steam plant.  We used to have another one up on "S" Mt. until it was taken down because of vandalism :(

Last night I was able to FMQ all the rows on my quilt :)  Sorry no photos yet,but as soon as the rows are all sewn together!

Have a great rest of your week ;))


  1. That quilt is a real beauty! It took my breath away when I scrolled to it.

  2. Beautiful quilt, I love the colours and the pattern .

  3. I absolutely love your quilt! The back is so visually interesting too, almost makes it 2 quilts in one!


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