Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sew,whats up?

Here it is Sunday evening again,another weekend is fading into the sunset.  Around here it was pretty productive,in spite of all the running around Mr. P. insisted I do with him.  He is a happy camper gardner this evening,as he planted onions today.  Now we are crossing our fingers that the plastic we rigged over them keeps off the frost.

I took advantage of the trip we took to the town to the north of us,where we picked up the smallish  rototiller he needed for the raised beds.  We stopped at the LQS there...

because there were a couple things I needed.  While there he picked out some fabric for a new pillow case.  The yellow/gold I pulled from my stash to break up the intense print a bit.  It received his stamp of approval,so last night he gave it a test run.

For the Farmers Market,I have to send in 7 photos with my application.  This is the first project I decided on,not that what I already have wouldn't do,but since I really want them to approve my app...  I started out with a mini-charm pack of Noteworthy,and some medium grey Kona.

I know this is skipping around a bit but,check out the mini ironing board Mr. P. helped me to make this weekend!  It was super easy,and now there is no jumping up every time I need to press a seam :)

Of course it is not so great for those larger pressing needs,but hey,that is what the big ironing boards are for right?  At least now,it is only taking up most of my sewing room when I really need it,the rest of the time it will be stowed behind the door.

You can't tell this is my favorite new toy can you? ;)  Okay back to my project,when making the blocks for the table topper there were all these little corners. (pictured above)  I really did not want to throw them away,and my scrap baskets are overflowing already.  So,I decided to use them,even though it took me quite a bit longer to actually finish the topper.

The sun was super bright when I took the photos,so it is hard to see the quilting :(  I sewed 1/4 inch in all around the inside of each grey piece.

The backside,here you can see the quilting a lot better.  A few of the scraps were used on this side,the rest of them were incorporated into the binding.

A close-up of the binding for you,which was attached using a zig-zag stitch.  Now to make a decision on the name of this one!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and found time to sew!


  1. Sweet tabletopper and way to go using your scraps to make something beautiful. As for a name, I have no idea;)

  2. Did you staple your ironing "board" or did you use elastic? I saw some with elastic around the bottom and I'm trying to make mine own using a pad I bought from Joann's, so far it's a pain, LOL!

  3. I would name it twinkle as the yellow fabrics twinkle in the gray! with your pressing board fabric! It looks fabulous! Hope you'll get into the farmer's market and your plants did not freeze to death with all the snow that came your way! Hugs!


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