Sunday, April 21, 2013

Playing with shapes

This past week was a particularly busy one around here (in the sewing room).  As you probably noticed the lack of posting...  Sorry to say it is probably going to be only a couple times a week for the next 6-8 weeks,while I continue to gear up for the farmers market this summer.  Hope you Sweet "Patch" readers understand and stick in there with me :)

Remember when I posted about these rulers ?  Well,the time finally came for me to sit down and have a play date with the circle rulers!  What a fun date it was too,as I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

This quilt started out as the squares with the baby wild animals(in my stash for around 5 years now) then I looked through my stash of Kona Solids to find some for the frames around the squares.  The background prints for the circles are from a fat quarter bundle I stole picked up while on my meet up with Melissa last summer (from her favorite LQS) it was $19.00 for 18 fat quarters!

I used a zig zag stitch to applique the circles to the background fabric,for the quilting I just FMQed squares around the squares and circles around the circles,fun,fun,fun!  This one finishes out at 40ish x 42ish.

The backside is a pretty striped fabric and a green print both also from my stash :)  For this quilt I decided to try a no binding edge,and am very happy with how it turned out.  Although this is the first time using this on a regular quilt,I have used it before when making quillows.  (haven't made one of those in a long time)

There is another quilt in progress,almost finished that I will be using this technique on also.  Hoping to show you that by mid week...

A sneak peak for you ;)

The last shapes I played with this past week!  This is also in progress,so you will just have to wait to see what it actually becomes ;)

As for my goals:  no progress yet on the Ooo Rah wallet,but it will be worked on this week.  Also,my row quilt is sewn into strips and the batting spray basted  to them,now to start the quilting...

This afternoon when going to our room to get a load of laundry this is what I found.  A sleeping kitty using my pj's for a pillow :)

Have a great week!


  1. I wanna be 4 years old, on a snowy day. Just my puppy and me, all snuggled up under that adorable baby animal quilt! And when I grow up and live in my ultra-modern Park Avenue penthouse, I want to snuggle up under that sophisticated black/grey/yellow/white quilt, with my super-model spouse! Oh, and our puppy of course.

  2. I love that circle/square quilt, especially how you did two different colors for each of the squares!

    Of course we are sticking with you! You have to get ready for the market!

  3. What a cheerful quilt you made with your spanking new rulers! Kitty looks really comfortable over there! Why is it they always have to lay on a piece of clothing? :)


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