Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Edition of ALYOF

Here we are in the first week of April already!  So of course this post is all about my goals sewing wise for this month.  When thinking about what projects to work on this month,I took into consideration my plans for the farmers market this summer.

April Goals:
Finally make the OOORah Wallet (purchased over a year ago) for myself and more to sell both in my shop and at the market.

My only other "finish" goal is to get all the rows for the row along quilt sewn together and quilted.  The backing,binding and total finish is not included in the "finish"goal,so it may or may not happen this month.  Of course I plan on working on things to sell,but am not including those as finish goals.  That way I will not feel pressured,and it will be more fun for me.

Everything else that I am able to accomplish this month will just be the be the gravy over the potatoes ;)

Check out the goal setting party here to see what everyone else is working on this month!


  1. I love the row-along quilts I've seen so far, and am loving yours too! Good luck with all of your goals. :) xo

  2. I love your row-along! You can really see all the work that has gone into it! Can't wait to see how you quilt it :)

  3. Hey there... Trying to get back to blogging. Love all your recent pics and projects! Sent you an email. Hope I had the right one. Let me know if you don't get it. Later friend. :-)

  4. Love your row-along! I took a close look by enlarging the pic, and was delighted to see your chicken mugs. Very cute. It will be fun to see it finished.

  5. Your Row-along is darling. Great goal to get it put together, one step closer to being done! Have a great month!

  6. It's looking great. I still have 3 rows to finish mine. It's stalled in the cutting stages, so your are doing fine compared to me.


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