Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tumblers & LilyPad Splash Progress

Saturday was a snow day here,although it snowed steadily for over half the day it did not amount to more than a couple of inches.  This morning the sun came out and melted what was left away.  Love those spring snows :0)

Most of Saturday I spent taking photos and listing some new things in my etsy shop,and re-listing some that had expired.  So no sewing.  Today after weekly chores I found some time to sew :0)

Here is the progress on my Tumbler Quilt so far this month.  You probably can't tell from the photo,but at that point (when the photo was taken) the rows/strips were not sewn together.  Now they are all sewn together,the length is around 80 inches,while the width of the quilt top is only around 48 inches.

So I decided that it has to have another border on each side to bring it out to around 60 inches wide,when finished.  The Sweet thing is that I was able to FMQ on the strips!!!  Mind you it is not pretty,but I am okay with that,since it was my first time ever to use that technique on anything other than a 18 x 18 practice sandwich square,and that was only one time.

Sorry I didn't get a photo to show the progress on the LilyPad Splash quilt top :(  That is what I decided to call the quilt I posted about here the other day.  All the strips are pinned to the batting,and one has been quilted too.  When the other two strips are quilted and sewn together I will post an update with photos.

Hope you all found some time to sew this past weekend :0)


  1. You've gotten a lot done! I really like the tumbler quilt. What kind of border will you add to the sides?

  2. Ok, so I haven't been on the computer much - thanks to my ridiculously stupid hands so I am just noticing your new layout/design/header. WOWZERS! I love it. The tumbler quilt is pretty awesome too :)

  3. well done on having a go at FMQ - are you going to show us?

  4. Well done with the FMQ. The quilt is very cute.

  5. Looks beautiful and you're right....can't tell it isn't sewn together yet!
    Thanks for sharing.
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