Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Finishes Link Party (ALYOF)

Well,this month is just about shot in the butt!  Once again it is time to link up with Melissa,over at SewBitter Sweet Designs to show off our Lovely Finishes.

First,a recap of my goals for March:

  • Finish Tumbler Quilt
  • make a "few"items for the bake/craft sale slash fundraiser for Climb for Cancer
  • Make some totes for the shop/farmers market
First up International Tumblers Quilt...

Finished!  These photos were taken just this morning,after my shift at the bake/craft sale :)

Although there are gusts of wind today,for the most part is has just been a mild breeze!  We are finally getting a taste of spring!  Which I for one am so ready for.  Mr P. suggested this local picnic spot for the photo shoot today,and I am so glad he did!

Here is a mosaic of some of the items that I made and donated to the sale.

There were also a few dress form pin cushions,and not pictured another baby quilt,five pillows,3 bracelets,and a couple hair barrettes.

My third goal: Tote bags for the shop/farmers market,also finished!  Can I get a Whoop,Whoop!?  Oh yeah,you gotta love it when a plan comes together :0)  This afternoon I will be listing the totes in my shop.

So far that is three for three this year!  That makes me a very happy person ;0)  If I can keep up the finishes (I can do it) this is going to be a super productive year!

How are you doing with your sewing goals this year so far?


  1. Love the photographic shot on the bridge. That was a lot of totes!

  2. The tumbler quilt looks amazing! Congratulations on reaching your goals, CeLynn!

  3. forgot..... WHOOP WHOOP to you!:) Hope you can forgive me! :)))

  4. Giant Whoop! :) Love the tumbler quilt, and that it got to go on a picnic for a photo shoot. Hooray for spring, and just in time for Easter. Happy Easter, CeLynn! xo

  5. Well done for getting it all done! love that Tumbler quilt


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