Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hey all,did you miss me in blog land?  I sure missed reading my favorite blogs,and am hoping to get caught up soon!  The first week of vacation was a lot of driving,and visiting family.  The visiting part was great,the driving part not so much...

This week I have been trying to stay off here and get some of my sewing goals completed.  Which is going pretty good :0)

Before I show my progress so far though...  One Happy Mom and her quilt!!  The lighting where we stayed was not very good,but good enough for a couple of photos for my album :0)

Magnum Block for the skill builder QAL I joined,both this one and the Sound Wave block still need to be quilted,but at least they are pieced!

My February Bee block,Pippi Longstalking!  Even though I chopped off her feet (oops) this one is still super cute :0)  I plan on making more Pippi blocks in the future.

Row 10 in my row along,little Houses.  Although the blocks themselves are about 6.5x8.5 there are 20 little pieces that make up each block.

Welcome to my "Quilters Neighborhood"!  Only five houses on this street,mine is the one at the right end.

Surprised that my house is not in  the green prints?  Me too,but as you can see there are still plenty of green prints on some of the other houses.

Row 11,something that all us quilters use by the Spool!  Yes,Spools of Thread.

I decided to make my thread spools look like antique wooden spools,they turned out rather nicely.

Last night Jolene,helped my with some things on my computer,so this morning while typing up this post I decided to play around a bit with the photos.

Lastly,a tease photo for my swap person on FB!  Hope everyone is having a super week with at least a little sewing thrown in :0)


  1. Your mom looks so happy!!! Your blocks look great!

  2. You are really keeping up on the row along! Those spools are so cute! The picture of your mom is so special. She was sure to love it!

  3. PS. glad toy are back! Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  4. Loving your row-along progress, CeLynn! Glad you had a good time on your trip, and that you got to see your mom, looks like she loved her quilt. :)

  5. Your mother looks wonderful with her new quilt. Love your row of houses. Amazing that there are that many pieces in one house.


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