Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now,where did I leave those mittens??

Hey all,it was a busy sewing weekend around here!  How about at your house?  Even though I spent a lot of time sewing there is not much to show for it.  Why?  Well most of the rows in the Bee In My Bonnet Row along have micro pieces,and rows 7 & 8 were no exception.

Row 7 Fall Leaves,since I have not had the chance to start the photography class I purchased on Craftsy yet... the photos were taken outside today.  Which was the better choice anyway with the sun shining!

And what better place to take a photo of fall leaves,than in a tree?

Row 8 Winter Mittens,this is the highest/tallest row yet at 8 inches from bottom to top of the row!  What perfect weather for winter mittens.

I could not resist making one set of mis-matched mittens.  When the kids were little and wearing mittens,we always seemed to have a couple of mis-matched pairs around.  These two rows took up most of my sewing time this weekend,but on the up side,I am now caught up :)  Which is a very good thing since the next row will be posted on Thursday!

There was just enough time to squeeze in a couple of blocks for my mom's quilt!  Here is a block in blues,her favorite color.

The second one in lavender shades with a little pink in some of the prints.  All the fabrics will be from her stash.(out of the fabric I brought home last year)  So some of the colors will probably have some squares that are the same prints,as there are not 11 different shades/hues of each color.  However I am sure she will not mind.

I was going to add some of my goals sewing wise for the coming year,but have not had the time to sit down and write them out yet.  So that will be in another post down the road a bit.  I did join the two groups mentioned in yesterdays post  and for now that is enough on my plate,considering all of the things I want to accomplish/make.

The tough part will be not jumping in to join anything else!  At least not until I have finished half of the quilts/tops that are in different stages of progress already.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,and have a great week too :)  Don't for get that tomorrow the

                              Blog Hop starts!  Have fun hopping along :)


  1. What a cute idea to make those mismatched mittens!

  2. I love love love the mitten row in the row-along! :) And all your blocks look great. Happy New Year, CeLynn!

  3. Congratulations on completing those two rows! Little blocks with little pieces take a while, but are sure worth the effort. Love your pair of mismatched mittens! You have come up with some wonderful ideas to make this quilt your own. (Like your hot chocolate mugs matching your mugs.) It's going to be so cute when you finish this.

  4. your rows are brilliant! I wish I'd joined in that row-along as I love Lori's patterns.

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  7. Beautiful mitten blocks :-) Really cute!

  8. You are a great artist, is very beautiful, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

  9. We nicknamed our daughter "Little Miss Mismatch" for her mittens and socks!

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