Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Icy Weekend!

This weekend Mr. P and I ran away for a mini getaway :)  We went to Steamboat Springs Co.  Where it was Freezing Cold!  In spite of the near to below zero temps,we still had a wonderful time :)

Last year my sis had sent us a groupon for the Ice Castles at Silverthorn Co.  Before we had the chance to go they were shut down,because of high temps that melted the ice.  The nice thing is that the groupon was extended to Feb first of this year :)  So after work on Friday off we went!

The view from our balcony on Saturday morning,looking towards ski time square,where the Ice Castles are located.

Mr. P talking to one of the photographers at the entrance to the Ice Castles.

There are 25 people who design the "Ice Castles"  There are signs posted at different spots that give little bits of info about how they are made and maintained.

I think it is just great the way Mr. P is totally okay with clipping my pink camera bag to his belt loop,and walking around with it there :)

When we arrived around noon it was a balmy 3 degrees!  The saving grace,there was no wind,but even with the sun out,and the ice castles all open/not enclosed at the top,the temp was still below zero.

We probably spent about an hour or so wandering around oohing and ahhhing at all the ice formations.

A shot of me all bundled up!  Notice my hands in my coat pockets?  They were pretty cold from taking photos,even with gloves on.  After checking out all the cool Ice we headed off to downtown for some shopping and more sight seeing.

Then after dark we ended up back at the Ice Castles to see them with the lights on,and watch the fireworks show!

If we thought that it was cold during the day,it was so cold after dark that I could not feel my fingers on the hand holding the camera!  Not sure what the temp was,but it was definitely well into the negatives!

This morning when we headed home it was -11 degrees,sure glad I was inside a nice warm car :)  When we arrived home around 2 this afternoon it was a balmy 10 degrees!

Hope you all had a warmer weekend than we did!  Even tho it was super cold,we had a wonderful weekend,and have memories for down the road...  Thanks T,you are the best sis,love you ;@)

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  1. Wow, I love that ice! It is soooo beautiful. I really love that gorgeous ice and even though it looks fragile I wish I could climb it.
    Glad you were able to make those nice memories, and since it was so cold you will remember it all the better!


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