Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Park & Christmas Tree Mountain

Ready or not,Christmas is literally right around the corner!  I hope you are all ready,and have a wonderful Holiday with family and/or friends :@)

Last year I had planned on posting about a Christmas Tradition in the town where I live,somehow that post never a year later here it is...

The largest park in town is right on the Arkansas River,and aptly named Riverside Park.  However during the Holidays (from the Friday night after Thanksgiving,until just after the first of the New Year) it is also known as Holiday Park!

This tree is decorated with miniature crocheted hats.

A Patriotic tree,all decked out in flags.  This view is looking back up the walkway towards the entrance of the park.

 This tree is decorated with plastic candy canes and cupcakes.

Electrical switch plates that have been decorated with red paint. Stand out from the other decorations on this tree.

This photo is taken at about the halfway point on the walkway,you can just see Mr. P checking out the decorations on one of the trees.

This is one of the trees that is a memorial to a loved one.  There are numerous photos of a solider decorating this tree.

A tree with handmade sheep decorations all over.

How about a tree that is decorated with non other than real skis!  Goes perfectly with the snow on the ground.

The angel adorning the top of this tree is made from a re-cycled Dr. pepper soda bottle.

As you can see the trees line both sides of the walkway,down to this spot where there are usually flowers surrounding the tree behind the sign that is there now.  The trees also continue around this center part,and also the outer circle.

The sign reads:
                                     Started by two sisters to commemorate their mother.  Holiday Park has become a much-anticipated part of Salida's Holiday Celebration.  Community groups,organizations,and businesses decorate their adopted trees to highlight their products,employees or members.  Families and individuals adopt trees to Memorialize a Loved one.  All of the trees reflect the spirit and community that is Salida Colorado.  Welcome to Holiday Park ~ Salida's Holiday Tradition

Christmas Tree Mountain:  Every year after the Parade of Lights (also on the Friday evening after Thanksgiving) ends in downtown Salida,Santa flips the switch and Christmas Tree Mountain once again lights up for the Holiday season!  The heart and the S in the photo below are there all year round.

Merry Christmas to All,and to All a good night!  See you after the Holidays...


  1. What a beautiful and imaginative collection of trees. May Christmas be Joyous and Blessed for You and Yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing Holiday Park and Christmas Tree Mountain. What a wonderful way to start the Christmas season! Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

  3. Wow, it's like being in Wonderland :) It's a beautiful tradition CeLynn you can be proud of being a member of the community. Have a Peaceful Christmas!

  4. Τόσο όμορφη διακόσμηση !!
    Καλή χρονιά με υγεία και χαμόγελο !!!!!!!!!!

  5. That is one of the greatest ideas I have come across in ages. Cheers for 2013!

  6. What a lovely tradition. Thank you for sharing with us!


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