Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fabric Lottery/Christmas came Early

Where did the week go?  Isn't that always the way,when you have a zillion things to get done,time just zooms by!  Are you ready for Christmas yet,or are you feverishly sewing gifts hoping to beat the clock?

At this point in time,I am somewhere in the middle :)  This dish mat is one of the smaller projects from my to do list,now it is on the tadone list ;)  I used another one of the huck towels that Gil brought home from boot camp a couple years ago,and gave to me to use as kitchen towels.  I cut it in half,which is the perfect size for my counter :)

If you wanted to make your own,you just need some 2 1/2 inch squares.  For mine I used 15 squares,5 of which are cut on the diagonal to make the edges of the tree.  The trunk is a 1 inch wide strip that is 5-6 inches long.  Sew the squares into strips and then sew the end pieces on each end.  Press the seams open  Starting with the bottom/longest row,place it RST/or wrong side up on the towel and sew it using a 1/4 inch seam.  Press towards the top of the towel,lay your second longest strip RST on top of the strip you just sewed,continue to attach your strips in this manner.  The top of the tree will be the last two triangles,sewn together,without any squares.

I used a decorative stitch on my machine to stitch around the edges,which attached the sides to the towel.  You could use a zig zag stitch,or applique too.

I have a friend that really likes Maxine (or as Jolene & Gil call her "the Crabby lady")  So when I saw this fabric at Joann's...  some of it became ornaments,some more of it will soon be napkins and napkin rings!  Hope she likes them...

                         ~ SPOILER ALERT JOLENE ~

A new set of pillow cases for Mr. P and I :)  Mine is the snowman print on the left,and the Santa/coke print is Mr. P's,these went on our pillows last night.

So,now that a certain young lady is not reading any further...  These are going in the package headed to J & K's (Jolene & her Hubby)  I found the little elephant pincushion pattern while on vacation this summer!  Although she is super busy,every once in a while she finds a few minutes to sew :)  The second item is a elephant book mark.

The pattern came from the Zakka Style book my sis gave me this summer.  Of course I changed it up a bit,instead of sewing it,I used heat and bond between two different fabrics.

This is what the reverse side looks like.  If time permits I also want to make a couple of those triangle book marks that go on the corners of the pages.

Remember the Ur Priceless blog hop?  Well the photo above was the Grand Prize for that hop...Which I WON!  Sadly,I have been sooo busy,that it never made it into a post!  YiKes!  So Sorry Madame Samm :(

I am not the photographer she is...  This is my Fabric Lottery!!!  Included in the package with the Red Thread Bundle from Andover Fabrics,were the Palace doors quilt pattern,and a cone of silver/grey Aurifil thread.  Ahhh,Fabric Love! :)  Christmas Came Early & I have been daydreaming about what to make with all this Luscious FQ Goodness.  However,there are usually a lot of QAL's to start off the New Year,so I am waiting to see what pops up,before I slice into this.


  1. WOW You've been a busy girl! AND congrats on winning that fabric bundle! Lucky AND busy :)

  2. Those crabby girl ornaments you made are awesome! I'd like a few of them around my house. Her attitude always makes me chuckle!

    Way to go winning the grand prize!!!! That's a lot of fabric. If ou know the names I'd love to hear what the collections are called. I think a new Quilting Bookclub will be starting up again in January, so may you can use some new fabrics for some new projects!

  3. Congrats on the win! That's a great looking stack of fabric. Should be a lot of happy stitching there.

  4. So many gorgeous things, where do I begin! Love that dish mat, what a fab idea. Your Zakka elephant is fabulous too! And well done on winning the grand prize!

  5. You have been so busy! How do you find the time to do all the sewing? I have been horrible and haven't sewn a stitch all week. 2 blankets left to make and then I will be done with my Christmas sewing. Good luck with yours!

    PS. Love the bookmark :)

  6. Such a great idea CeLynn to sew the patches on as foundation pieced! I adore those ornaments they're soooo cute! And the elephant bookmark melts my heart :))) hope they'll love it!

  7. Beautiful projects and wow, what a great win! You have some great fabrics to work with!

  8. Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store.


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