Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sorry,no chicken dinner tho ;)  Who wants a chicken dinner when there are coin purse patterns up for grabs,anyways?!

Before I announce who the Lucky Winners are......

The Following peeps who left Sweet comments on my blog are all either No Reply Bloggers,or for some reason I was not able to Reply to You!!!!!

  • Nellie Duclos ~ when I tried to reply to you through the address listed I was unable to do so :(
  • Melzie Belle ~ No Reply Blogger :(
  • Quilter ~ No Reply Blogger :(
  • Judy B ~ No Reply Blogger :(
So if I did not reply to your comment it is because I was not able to,which is sad :(  

Thank you to Everyone who left a comment,I wish you could all win a pattern :)

And the Winners are.....

Gill from the UK  Who said...

Great purses!]Thank you for sharing!
I'm in the UK!                 Congratulations Gill :)

Vivian from the USA Who said....

The blue one with the lady is very nice. I can see a ton of purses coming out on my stash too. USA Thanks Vivian                     Congratulations Vivian :)

I have emailed you both,so you have Mail ;)

Hope you all enjoyed the Hop as Much as I did!!!  I am still blown over by the fact that one of my precious landed in the Top 3 of the Day for my Day!!!  

Have a super rest of the week:)


  1. Thanks! I have emailed you and congratulations to Vivian!

  2. Thanks also. I have a feeling coin purses maybe a new addiction. Congratulations Gill!


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