Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sashing Granny ;)

The sun was fading fast by the time I finally had some blocks finished and ready for a photo shoot!  So they are a little grey.

See what I mean?  Kind of hard to tell that they are blue,the white of course you can see pretty good. (I need one of those things Madam Samm posted about the other day!

The red and white blocks look a whole lot better,since they do not blend in with the wood.

The green,red,and white blocks (my favorites ;)  Although I do like all of the blocks,I am just a green girl :)

My finished red,white,and green block,I ran out of white... okay so I still have white fabric,just not any of this particular shade,apparently the LQS,is still having issues getting any white in stock :(  

Hiding at the bottom of my scrap basked was just enough to finish the other red,white and green block :)  but by that time it was too dark for any photos.

All of the sashed/finished blocks together.  So half of the blocks are now sashed,and I am in the progress of  sewing them  together.  Which means that the top of one throw is close to being done.  Yep that is right,I decided to make a throw for each of the chairs in the living room,instead of one large quilt.

So if Mr. P or I get chilled while watching movies this winter we will each have a personal cozy quilt to  warm us up!  When not in use they will be part of the Christmas/Holiday decor :)

Hope you are enjoying the weekend,and finding time to sew too :)


  1. The blocks look great! What a fun idea to make 2 quilts instead of one.

  2. I love the way you are sashing your blocks. I will have to think about doing something like that. I haven't decided on a setting for my Granny blocks yet.

  3. This quilt seems like it's coming together fast! The sashing really frames the blocks well. The more I see your blocks, the more I want to make them!

  4. Looking good--can't wait to see photos of the finished product.


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