Saturday, November 17, 2012

I have something to "Crow"about (pun intended)

Hey all,hope you are having a sewing weekend :)  Mr. P had to work half a day today,so,I went to sew first thing this morning!  The project at hand was row #6 for the Bee in my Bonnet Row Along

Can I interest you in a nice hot cup/mug of cocoa?

If you want a twist I also have Mint hot chocoa,although it is pretty minty,so I hope you like mint.  This is my fave brand of hot chocolate,maybe because it is gourmet (whatever that means),all I know is it sure is g o o d :)  especially on those freezing cold fall/winter nights we have here.

Since this row is hot cocoa mugs,I decided not to take the photos outside.  Then my challenge was how to shoot them inside... I think that they turned out really good,for inside photos!

A close up of my inspiration for this row.  This little mug is what I enjoy my cocoa in every evening during the cold months!  Hope you enjoyed my little mugs :)  (all of the fabric in this row is from mom's stash)

While typing up this post I realized that I still need to take a photo of all six rows,oops!


  1. I love that you copied your favorite mug. What a great way to personalize your quilt.

  2. So cute! You certainly have something to crow about!


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