Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't see the forest for the Trees...

Hey everybody,has your week flown by too?  Have you started to think about your Christmas Card List yet?  Well if you haven't,I have a super cute idea for you!  This would be a great memory making project for you and the kids/grandkids.

All you will need are 4 items/supplies to craft up some homemade Christmas cards!  You could do anything from trees,snowmen,santa,stars,bells,gingerbread men,or any other Christmas shape you can think of.

Supplies needed:

  • card stock
  • glue/glue sticks
  • pinking sheers
  • scraps of Christmas fabric

Fold your card stock in half,or if you would like smaller cards,you could cut it in half first,and then fold each piece in half.  Then let the kids/your imagination go :)

My cards are all trees,because the scraps used were all triangle-ish shapes.  As I am sure you have noticed,they are also all wonky trees,or you could call them Charlie Brown Trees :)  Yes,I planed it that way,since nothing in this world is ever really "perfect".

A close up for you!  With Christmas Break/vacation coming up,you will be having to think of projects to keep the kids busy.  I would love to see your handmade Christmas cards :)


  1. Those trees are adorable...what a great idea for using up scraps! Last year we glued scraps to foam ornament balls, but it was kind of messy because we rolled them in glitter after. I like this idea a lot more!

  2. Great idea - they look fab and far better than any shop bought cards.

  3. These are great! I wish my stash wasn't all sitting up in WA!!!

  4. What lucky friends you have to receive a handmade card from you. They are just the right touch for Christmas.

  5. Your cards are adorable! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Great idea - love those cards.

  7. How cute are these! I have to make some cards too, maybe I'll make some of them like this! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

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