Monday, October 15, 2012

Time for Granny....Squares that is

When all of the Granny Squares blocks and quilts started popping up all over blog land I added them to my "List".  Then in August while on vacation,and hanging out with Melissa from SewBitterSweet Designs we went to two of her favorite places,AKA,the local quilt shops :)

Where I picked up this sweet lil jelly roll of Flurry!  Which I had been wanting for quite some time,and it fit the bill perfectly,since I had Very Limited space in my luggage for extras.  I had already agreed to no checked bags with Mr. P.  Believe me,there was not enough room in my carry on for a flea on the way back home ;)

Last evening I was looking for some solid white so that I could start my Christmas Granny Squares Quilt.  Would you believe that I could only scrounge up enough for three blocks?  All from my scrap bin no less,guess I need to get some more soon!

My first little Granny! The thing that has drawn me to this line from the first is all of the green.  Since it is my favorite color :)

The second block,the center block looks like I fussy cut it,but that is not the case at all.  I just opened up the jelly roll and started cutting squares :)

I am pretty much just laying out the squares as they come,only changing them around so the exact same print is not next to each other.  My design board is working out so good,I might have to make another one or two!


  1. Love it! And you got to hang out with Melissa! Lucky you.

  2. Beautiful Grannies, CeLynn! They're on MY to-do list too! Wonder when I'll get to them, maybe beginning of next year with all my UFO-s to be finished :))))

  3. Very cute! I have no probems making the quilt top but I can't seem to get motivated for the actual finishing of the quilt lol I think it is time just to send them out and have someone else do it HaHa

  4. Love the Grannies! What a great Christmas quilt. Thinking very hard that this block needs to get on the list, even with all the other things I need to get finished.

  5. they're lovely! That's going to be a lovely festive quilt


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