Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Granny squares up date & a request for Help!

After raking leaves for about an hour after work,then making dinner,I was able to head to the sewing room :)

First up the Blues,as you can see I did not just do this batch by picking the squares as they came.

The Reds,I am thinking maybe the center on the left block should have been white....

My favorite,the Greens,with some blue too!

The last one I had time for this evening,which brings my block total to 10 :)  You may have noticed that I have not added any sashing yet.  About that....  Since I purchased a jelly roll there were only four total strips of solids!  Two blue,one each red and green :(

My question to you my peeps is this....Do you have any idea,or know where I might purchase some of each of the solids (blue,red,green)?????  I have searched the Internet,to the best of my ability,to no avail !  Any help would be Greatly appreciated!!! :0)


  1. have you tried findmyfabric.com? the granny squares are gorgeous! hope you find the fabric you're looking for. xo

  2. I know where you can get some green :)


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