Friday, September 14, 2012

Sew Bee Blissful

It is hard to believe that the last month of Sew Bee Blissful has not only arrived,but is already half over!  This evening after a hanging out with Mr. P. (we finally rented The Lorax) I found time to sew up half of my blocks due for this month.

The first block is Shooting Star,I personally like how it turned out,but am not sure the recipient will.  As the star blocks she posted for reference are a whole lot different.

Block number two is Modern Star,this is my personal favorite :)  I am thinking that this is going to be in a future project!  Love the movement in it,and although it looks really hard,it is not.

Both finished blocks.  I was going to slip in a sneak peak of my Dots on Dots block,but sadly my camera battery died after the above photos :(  So Guess you will just have to wait until Monday,which is my day to post!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend & find time to sew/craft too :)


  1. The modern star block is awesome! Where did you find the pattern? I'm in a star hive in the 3x6 bee this quarter - that block would be a hit, I'm sure!

  2. CeLynn, and your blocks are gorgeous! I love the fabrics for the shooting star and the look of the modern star. Looking forward to the blogpost on Monday!

  3. I love that shooting star block! I don't know if I've just never seen that particular permutation or if yours just jumped out at me, but it's really lovely!

  4. Both of these blocks are quite gorgeous, I really love the color choices.


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