Sunday, September 30, 2012

Remember September e reader case/covers

 This month over at Hopeful Threads the project was to make pillowcases and e reader case/covers for deployed troops.  As you know if you are a follower of my blog,Gil is a Marine,so this was a cause near and dear to my heart.  So of course I jumped in and joined the project,in an earlier post I showed 2 of the 6 pillowcases I made.

On to the e reader cases/covers  (all of these are for Kindle readers)

The first one for a Kindle 1 has a pocket to hold the kindle.

Number 2 is also for a Kindle 1 reader,all of the cases/covers that I made are a hands free design,not my own mind you,although I wish it were,because it is a genius idea!

Since I do not own an e reader,I had to use a pamphlet to show how this one will hold the e reader.

A side view of the above reader case,which is for a Kindle Fire.

Front view of the second Kindle Fire case,with the pre-amble printed on the fabric.

The back,or outside of the above case.  I thought that it would be fitting to use fabric with flames for the 2 Kindle Fire cases :)

Next up is the final one I was able to get finished,because I ran out of the elastic headbands that are used on each corner of the front to hold the e reader to the case.  There is also a strip on the back to hold the case closed when not in use.

Angle view of the above reader case,which is for a 3G Kindle reader.  What makes these reader cases stand up for hands free use is,chipboard inserted inside of the fabric!  After looking at a Lot of different designs I happened across this Tutorial pure genius!

(All five cases made so far,this is a view of the back or outside)
Although I did have to alter some of the measurements by an eighth of an inch to get the chipboard to fit properly (I even used my 1/4" foot too).  My plan was to make 2 of each case,so after I buy another package of headbands I will make up the last three.  Then they will all be on the way to My Friend Melissa and after that on to the troops :)


  1. Those are so colorful and FUN! What a great cause. :)

  2. They are simply brilliant! Thank you so much!!! I know they will be well loved!

  3. These are brilliant! I was gonna ask you where you found the tutorial, but then I saw the link. I pinned it since I have a kindle and it would be awesome to have a standing case like that. Thank you for sharing!


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