Monday, September 24, 2012

Help a girl out

So I must say,this post is about the contest of sorts going on over at Fresh Squeezed fabrics on etsy

Pop over here to get all the juicy details!  Basically,you pick a bundle from the shop and pin it to one of your boards.  You have three days to get the number of repins that the bundle costs,so a 21 dollar bundle requires 21 repins.  If you reach the amount required,you win the bundle!! How cool is that?

Now for the help...

This is the bundle I would love to win :)  It requires 21 repins,can you help a girl out?  If you are a pinner,would you repin this bundle?

The Link to this dotty pin.  Thanks in advance to everyone who repins for me :)


  1. I pinned for you...come follow me at I am a fairly new blogger and would love to blog with you.


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