Sunday, August 12, 2012

Braided Block Tutorial

This tutorial is the first of two,in a two part series.  As I will be using this block to make something else,hopefully later in the week.  That being said,the coming week is going to be a very busy one so,the second part might not happen for a couple weeks.  We shall see how the week progresses...  On to the Tutorial.

~ Braided Block Tutorial ~  The photo above is the braided block I will be making in the following tutorial.

~ Preparing your fabric strips ~  My fabric strips measure 2 1/2"x 71/2",you however can use just about any size strips,as long as they are three times as long as they are wide.  You can use as many strips as you like,as long as it is an even number, for this tutorial we will be using 26.

~ Sewing the strips together ~  Lay your first strip face up on your work surface,take your next strip and lay it face down,(or in sewing terms RST) on top of your first piece.  As shown in the above photo.

Move both strips of fabric to your sewing machine and sew along the right edge,as pictured.  You will be sewing down 2 1/2" from the top,which will connect your first two strips together.  Clip your threads and press open your seam.

Lay your two strips back on your work space,they should look like the leg and top left part of a T.  Take your third strip and place it even with the top of your half T,this will make your strip 2 1/2" short of being even with the leg of the T,don't worry about it being short.  That is how it is supposed to be.

Now place your fabric strips RST,move to your machine and sew from the top of the strip to the bottom of the top strip.

Like this .

To the end of the top fabric,now clip your threads,

and press your seam open.

Add your next strip along the top,lining it up to the right,as pictured.

Place RST sew your seam and press open as with the previous strips.

Line up your next strip as before.  Continue adding on your strips in this manner,until your strip/block is as long as you want it.  Just make sure to finish with an even amount of strips on each side when you are finished.

Here is mine with all 26 strips sewn together.

Now we need to square up the side of the strip/block.  Lay your ruler along one edge so that when you cut with your rotary cutter,you will be cutting off little triangles.

Like this photo above. Turn your strip/block around and cut/square up the other side the same way.

Time to square up the ends,line your ruler up so that the end will be nice and square and cut off the end.

Repete on the other end of the strip/block.  When finished your strip/block will look like the one at the top of the post,only with different fabrics of course :)

Here,my strip/block is cut into 4 smaller blocks,because as stated earlier,I will be making something other than a quilt with this block ;)

Hope this was easy to understand,if not feel free to ask any questions I left unanswered.  Sorry if there were too many pictures,but some people,like myself,find that (pictures say a thousand words!) even though the instructions don't make sense,the pictures do.


  1. What a great tutorial. Thank You. I seriously want to try this.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! It's awesome! I plan on doing this one real soon. It looks like the bread I bake and I want to use this pattern to make a breadcover that looks like the actual loaf. I have seen these before in stores and they cost dearly. Thanks to you, I am now going to make my own!

  3. Awesome tutorial CeLynn! I love the braided look, it would make a spectacular border! It's good you took so many pictures because I was confused how you put the second row on, but the photo made it clear. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Great tutorial! I love these braided blocks! Thank you for sharing!!!


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