Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hip 2 B Square

Is Thursday over already?  This week has just zipped right by!  Have you entered the Traveling Stash Giveaway yet?  If not,you have until tomorrow evening,so if you want a chance to win some yummy fabric leave me a comment ;)

If Mr. Random/LadyLuck is with you this could be heading to your mailbox!!!

"The Beast"(my car) has been in dire need of a trash bag,so this week I whipped one up.  Nothing fancy,but it does feature my favorite color :)

Holiday Flourish by Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufman,these are the two fabrics I picked for the Christmas in July 5" Charm Swap !

All squared up,now all I need to do is collate them slip them in an envelope and ship them off :)

Speaking of Christmas in July,remember this block? (from last October)

Here it is with two of my other favorite Christmas blocks also from last year.  This last week I Modge Pogded them onto canvas boards.  This winter they are going to adorn my sewing walls :)

A parting shot of one of my lilies :)  Happy Friday a couple hours early ;)

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  1. CeLynn, great idea with the trash bag! Guess it's for paper only? :) Unless... do you line it with plastic? (I have the plastic ones called handy sacks in my car)
    Oh, that lily is beautiful! Perfect way to start my day :) Thanks for sharing!


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