Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cinnamon Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Artisan Bread

In keeping with my decision to start making/trying things that are on my boards on pinterest today was a day for baking.... Bread,two different kinds,and a casserole for dinner too!

I wasn't sure if my Romertopf was big enough to handle the amount of dough the recipe made so baked   it in two batches.  It turns out there is plenty of room so next time there will be one large loaf,instead of two small ones.

Mr. P. was chomping at the bit for me to hurry up and take the pictures already,so we can try it!

He almost blew a gasket when I told him he had to put the piece he was enjoying down for one last photo!  haha,poor guy!  No worries,he lived through it just fine ;)  In the forefront his piece with butter,in the back my piece with tomato jam mmmmm good!  Credit where it is due........
                                               Simply So Good Is the name of the blog where you can find the recipe,and make yourself up a loaf too!  Really, it is super easy!  Of course I had to make it my own,by using my own mixture of flavors,hence the Cinnamon Basil & Sun-dried Tomato :)

Next up Carrot and Zucchini bars with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting (excuse my doodles on the freezer paper)  This turned out great and is a keeper also!  The only thing I changed was adding less of the carrot and more of the zucchini.  The next time there will be even less carrot,since it has a much stronger flavor than the zucchini.                     Want to try out this recipe?  You can find it over at
                                                  Real Mom Kitchen

                                                        Picky Palate

Since I forgot to snap a photo of my casserole I borrowed the original from the blog the Picky Palate.
The name of this dish is called Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice casserole,it is as good as it looks in the picture!  The only thing I did differently,was to add mushrooms,yum!  One note... This makes a large amount,so you might want to cut it in half,if you are only cooking for a couple of people.

Hungry yet???  Hope you have had dinner,LOL!

I will leave you with a parting shot of the first sunflower of the year!  This is one of the volunteers that came up in the flower bed in the garden,where they were planted last year :)  Call me crazy but,it looks like she is giggling behind those petals!!   Have a grrrrate week ;)


  1. So before I read that you thought she was giggling, I thought she was being shy and coy with the camera! LOL

    All of your baking/cooking experiments look delicious!

  2. Yummy looking bread and aren't we bloggers funny that we are always grabbing the camera! Beautiful sunflower! Thanks for sharing.
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday


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