Sunday, July 15, 2012

A "B" weekend

All the rain we have been getting lately has made baking this summer a far!  What with the rain cooling things off,I have not even thought twice about cranking up the oven :)

This bread has fast become my favorite/go to recipe :)  You can find the original over @ Janet's blog Simply So Good   This loaf was whipped up Friday evening and proofed  overnight.  First thing yesterday morning it went in the oven.  Thirty minutes later this is what it looked like!  The flavors used in this bread were a Light Havarti cheese,and Lemon Basil.  The basil of course came straight from the garden :)

Another day,another loaf of bread!  Lately Mr. P. has been going around saying "everything is Better with Bacon"  So this loaf was especially for him,the flavors?  You guessed it,Bacon bits,sharp Cheddar,and green onion.  Now while I do not agree that everything is Better with bacon,this bread sure is Good ;)  Tired of me posting about bread?  Hope not because it has only just begun,as the possibilities could be endless ;)

On to sewing news,these are my July blocks for Stash Bee although happy with how these turned out they were both an inch short on one side :(  They were supposed to be 11 x 12 inches,mine turned out 11 x 11.  However KristyLou  said she would take them as they are!

Also finished up the other 3 boxy bags,and they are now listed in my etsy shop :)  In the background you can see the peas!  You might be wondering what is so exciting about peas??  Well,considering that the deer got into the garden and mowed them  a couple weeks ago,they are doing quite well :)

We have now extended the fence by about 3 feet with netting all the way around the garden,so far there have not been any more intruders in the garden!

This morning while the sun was still out I also snapped some photos of the sunflowers in the garden area.  Check out the bee on this one :)  Hope you all had as great a weekend,enjoy your week!


  1. The breads look amazing!!! And I thought that sunflower wasn't real. I had to look at it twice! So pretty!!!

  2. Your stained glass blocks look fantastic!

  3. I love those blocks. I cannot wait to receive them. Thanks.

  4. Looks like you had a great week! Home-made bread, sewing, gardening and enjoying yourself :-)

  5. The blocks look lovely! The colors are fantastic! Maybe when my hubs come home I will start making him bread - because yours just looks so yummy :)

  6. All of your food posts make me hungry! I love bread! It was 100 degrees here today :( maybe it'll cool off and I can make some :) Your blocks look great and I love those little boxy bags. I know all about deer, and rabbits.. I'm glad you're keeping them out now :)

  7. Your bread looks really good. Cheese and lemon basil sounds amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  8. Oh, my goodness! That bread looks so delicious I started drooling! I went to her website and pinned it, I'll have to make it when I go home. I have a clay pot and I think it'll work wonderfully. Bee blocks look really pretty, wonder why they require rectangle shapes... The boxy bags look awesome with those colors!


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