Friday, July 27, 2012

And the Winner is......

Commenter # 5 (Bree)  Who said....I really like the bag on the cover of that magazine as well, you made a good choice!

Congratulations to you Bree! :)  Thanks to everyone who left me a comment/entered to win,follow the box and maybe next time it will be your turn :0)

Sorry this is up so late,but the second I sat down to type up the post Mr. P. insisted we go to the store so he could buy a goodie.  On the other hand,he is the one who picked the winner.

Send me your snail mail info Bree,or leave me a comment that I can reply to and get your info that way.  Maybe I can get it out tomorrow,if not then it will be Monday.

Would love to stay and chat,but have to go make Mr. P. his goodie before he has a conniption fit!;)

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