Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Is it really Wednesday already?  Actually it is almost Thursday already!  This week it has really started to feel like late spring/early summer here :)  It has also been Super windy every afternoon/evening,which means no outside photos.  So tonight I decided to just take a few pics inside :(

Last month at my quilt guild we had a tumbler block swap!  Each person who participated brought 100 7 x 7 inch squares to the meeting.  During the meeting they were all cut on an Accu Quilt go cutter!  So cool!  When the meeting was over we each had 100 tumbler blocks to take home :)

This week I managed to sew all the tumblers into rows,and this evening started sewing the rows together. I wanted to break all the tumblers up a little,plus add a little extra length.  So decided to add a white strip between the rows.  The thought was to make it look kind of like tumblers on a cupboard shelf.

Also in progress this week is the top for my Gothic Windows quilt.  There are actually 4 rows of blocks sewn together.  I just didn't want to take the time to clip up the rest.  If/when we have a nice wind free evening where some photos can be taken outside,they will be posted,until then this will have to do.

The third work in progress this week is my Sassy Connie bag!  With the exception of the handles everything is cut out!  The plan is to get this finished this weekend.

Two string blocks,using some of my Sugar and Spice fabric... Love ;)

Lastly,a photo of one of the cactus plants in my rock garden.  Last year there were only a couple of blooms.  This year there were six!

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  1. First, I love the string blocks! And your Gothic windows! The color combination for both are exceptional. I also see a cool color combo in your cactus. Bright red, green and gray. Lots of gray. The blooms are amazing.

  2. Wonderful projects and I just love your Gothic Windows!

  3. You're very busy with your quilts lovely colours... I like your cactus I have two inside...


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