Saturday, June 16, 2012

Then & Now

As you all know I have been spending WAy more time out in the Rock Garden then in the sewing room lately.
This is what my Rock Garden has looked like for a few years now. (the Then)  I always wanted to do something other than just a bunch of Rocks piled up,but it just never came to me,until a couple of weeks ago :)

This morning/afternoon we finally finished up laying the pave stone!!!  (the now)  It has been a long couple of weeks.  Most evenings we worked in the rock garden until dark,but the end result is So worth it!

A close up shot.  You can see in the right bottom corner of the photo where we ran about 20 short on the pave stones.  This is where the bird bath is going to be,as soon as the rest of the stones are purchased and placed.  WHEw!

After all that work it was time to take a break this evening :)  So here is my other finish this weekend!  My Sassy Connie bag!  Since the Rock Garden is finished,what better place for a photo shoot?

I did tweak some parts of the bag to suit myself ;)  It was pretty windy most of the evening,especially while I was taking the photos,so I had to snap them quickly,or the bag would have ended up in the fountain!

A look at the inside/inner part of the bag,at the front you can see part of the magnetic snap that holds the inner pocket closed.  Also down towards the middle you can just see the orange zipper for the pocket in this part of the bag.    Although I a very happy with how this turned out,it is not the size I was  thinking it would be.

I need/want a bag large enough to fit WIP'S,or finished projects in to take to guild meetings.  Anyone have a suggestion on a particular bag,or a tutorial for one?  Thanks in advance if you do :0)

This has been a super year for my cactus!  This one is so pretty,there are yellow flowers and also this peachy color on the same cactus plant.

This is the first year that this cactus has ever bloomed!  All the wild ones in the surrounding areas are already blooming,which is unusual,since they normally bloom in mid-late July!  I will try to get some photos of those and post them for you :)

Have a super Sunday!


  1. It's really looking great. That sure is a lot of hard work, though. Those stones are a lot heavier than most fabrics. You have some lovely cacti, they're so wonderful when they bloom. Funny, but "cactus" and "rock garden" just made me think of Cactus Cooler Soda, a Flinstones tie-in product that I used to love as a kid in the 60s. They disappeard for a long time, then I found them in LA in '84. I don't know if they're still around, but I sure want one now, to celebrate your lovely rock garden.

  2. I have a thing about rock gardens , I love them ! What a gorgeous bag too !

  3. I LOVE what you have done with the rock garden. It will be a nice place to hang out and soak in beauty.

  4. I like the bag - it has a lovely shape to it. That outer pocket looks really useful too.

  5. I have a suggestion and a tutorial for you for a larger, similar bag:

    Love your color choices for the bag you made and love your rock garden and fountain!


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