Sunday, June 24, 2012

Red White & Blue & Purple too!

Did you beat the heat this weekend?  We did,barely!   It was 105 in the shade here today,Yikes!  I stayed indoors,where it was around 90.  Still very hot,but at least not 105.

I just tried to keep cool with cold drinks over Lots of Ice :)  Like this one......


I Love Iced Coffee,so when this popped up on Pinterest,you know I had to give it a try!

A while back we had purchased a garden flag holder on clearance.  So a garden flag has been on my to sew list.  This is the first one I made,with the 4th just around the corner,red,white,and blue fit the bill!  The next one will need to be longer for sure,but I really like how this first one turned out.

The back side.  It was supposed to be a star,but because of the size of the scraps I used it turned out to be more of an X.  Oh well,I like it anyway :)

The only other bit of sewing this week was this Somerset Star another pin that has been on my list of things to sew!  There is a bunch of us ladies at work (6-8) who go out to lunch the day after payday every other week.  We all work in different areas of the store,and usually only get to visit/hangout then. One of the ladies is moving away :(  This coming Friday will be our last lunch with her,so I wanted to give her something to remember our lunches together by.  Her favorite color is purple.....

Hope you stayed cool and had some sewing time this weekend too!


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  2. I've been thinking of a garden flag too, love yours! And Ice coffee it the perfect drink to beat the heat and the lazy feeling heat gives you.

  3. I wouldn't mind a little heat, but definitely not 105! We had pouring rain most of the weekend and haven't been above 75 since I've been back in WA. I love your flag, it turned out really cute!

  4. I love your little garden flags. So cute!!


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