Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Late to the Party!! (Giveaway)

Ever heard the saying "better late than never" ?  Well that saying applies to the following post!  Have you ever wished you could have a quilt top professionally quilted by a Long Armer?  Well,here is your chance!!!

                                                                 Run,Don't walk  Or in this case
Chelsea over at  pins & bobbins is going to quilt a project AKA Quilt for two Lucky peeps!!  One smaller than 60 x 60,one larger.  How cool is that?!  But you better hurry,because you need to post about the quilt by the end of June,Yikes!

So in the words of my daughter,you better "chop chop it" :+)

The Quilt that I "Really Need" to have Long Armed.......

Is my Rainbow of Knotted Squares quilt from ahem,Last summer.  If you are a regular follower you will probably remember this top.  It has been in my WIP Pile for close to a year now,high time for me to get it finished!  The only thing holding me back is the size of the quilt top,and the size of my lil Janome.

I really love how this quilt top turned out and want the quilting to add to,not detract from the overall appearance of the finished quilt.  Ergo the only reason it is still in the WIP stack and not displayed on my bed.

As far as a pattern/design,not really sure about that?  My thought was maybe to quilt squares going out from each square,or maybe alternating squares,anyone have a better idea/suggestion,I am open :)

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Thanks for stopping in today!  Enjoy the rest of your week,and if you enter the giveaway,Good Luck!


  1. Good luck to you! That is beautiful Sorry for this pun, but the first image that came to mind was - The Long Arm Of The Law - which I always associate with the Victorian era London Bobby. So now I'm picturing a Bunch o' Bobbies sitting in a circle working on your quilt.

  2. Hi Celynn,
    gorgeous top! What size is it? I guess I should have asked this earlier!


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