Monday, June 11, 2012

Does your Dragon Fly?

How was the weekend at your house?  Around here it was super busy,as we are re-doing the my rock garden.  Lots of back aching work for sure!
This is how it looked before we started to try and make it look like the idea running around in my head.  Just imagine moving every single one of those rocks!  What Was I Thinking???
In progress,this is on the back left side of the garden.  We made a wall of rocks and then added dirt to make a flower bed.
The front and back left,there are flowers,bushes,and cactus in each bed.  I might change the arrangement but not until next year.  More on this later....

Are you wondering about the title of my post yet?  Well here it is.  While hanging out my clothes this weekend,this cool dragon fly landed on my clothes pin keeper!
I guess it thought that it was a flower :)

I had no sooner taken the photos,when off it flew!  It was so pretty,and it is the first one I have seen this year :)  Hope you all had a great weekend too!
Here is a parting shot,of the cactus that bloomed out today while I was a work :)


  1. The gardens are looking wonderful. Having a garden is lots of work, but well worth the effort. Love your new beds and loved seeing your vegetable garden in a previous post.

  2. Talk about a work out! You are ambitious. I would have asked a couple of my hubs co-workers to help us with a project like that and paid them in beer and pizza :) The dragon fly is beautiful! We get a lot of blue ones here :)

  3. Sounds like back-breaking labor, but the result looks to be worth it. Haven't seen any dragonflies here yet, but we often get them I think it's been too wet with all the rain (and flooding) we've had up here in Northwest Florida. Maybe July will be dry enough for them.


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