Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Laundry soap

Have you ever made your own laundry soap?  No,me either,that is until this weekend!

Pictured are the items you will need to make your own laundry soap.  With the exception of a medium size bowl.  (forgot to include that in the photo)
1. cup Borax
1. cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
1. Bar Fels Naptha soap
disposable gloves  (to protect your hands)
jar/container for storing
wax paper (or you could just grate the soap into the bowl)

Note:  You will want a grater with smaller holes!

Here is the Fels Naptha soap all grated,looks like cheddar cheese!  It has a lemony scent to it.  As noted above,you will need to use a grater with smaller holes.  The one I used was really to large,so the next trip to the thrift store, I will be looking for another grater.

Add one cup Borax.

Next add one cup of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda.  Mix the three ingredients together.

Pour into your desired container.  As you can see my Fels Naptha soap is not evenly distributed throughout the mixture.  This is why you need to grate it using the small holes on your grater.  That aside,it still worked quite well!  I just used an old cap from a vitamin container as a scoop.  For Mr. P's jeans I used 2 caps (since he has been welding at work lately),for the rest of the laundry I used 1 capful per load.

This has been pinned on one of my boards on pinterest for a little while now.  Here is the pin/recipe with better photos and instructions too!  Check it out,you will see how it looks when using the smaller holes on your grater :)  Pretty!

Next time I am going to use a lavender soap instead of the Fels Naptha.  The store bought laundry soap I used had a lavender scent which I loved.  Let me know if you try this out!


  1. I like to make this soap and use it for washing linens and such. I can't use it for my clothes because my skin is particular. I like to use Pink Zote just because I like the smell better. I wish I had an old food processor that I could put it all in to get it really finely "ground".

  2. I'm a Tide girl myself or else rashes abound, but I'm sure this would be great for most!

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  4. I use this recipe. Of course my husband uses way too much when he does laundry and so I feel like I'm always making laundry soap.


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