Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring has sprung,or Not!

The plan was to come home from work and take photos of the second round of Gothic Windows blocks that have showed up in my mail box.  Until I woke up to this....

Which is still going on as I type up this post at 9:15 pm!!  Welcome to Spring time in the Rockies :)  Mind you I am not really complaining,since we really need the moisture,its just not great photo taking weather!

Last time I posted a photo of the blocks these did not get into the photo.  Oops!  Sorry Sara,better late than
never tho :)  I love the one that looks like paint splotches!

These came from Kristy Lou They are so bright and I think the bees are cute.

Check out how the yellow just jumps off these blocks!  These are courtesy of Vickey.

When the package with all these goodies arrived in the box I couldn't imagine what it might be!  It was such a fat package :)  After opening it and pulling out all the prizes inside I was smiling ear to ear!
The cool thing is that my package of little thank you notes had dwindled down to one,and now there is a whole new package for me to use up ;0)  Thank You so much Jamie,this was a awesome package!

This is going to be a Sweet Quilt.  Thanks to all the lovely ladies in Hive # 1 over at Stash Bee,You Rock :+)


  1. I love those gothic window blocks, did you follow a pattern or tutorial? They look very neat!

  2. Love the Gothic Windows! Were they hard to do? The yellow and black really do make them pop.
    Enjoy the moisture. At least this time of year the snow doesn't last too long.


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