Sunday, April 22, 2012

This ~ N ~ That

This past week has been a lazy one in the sewing department.  After the intense focus to finish Gil's quilt in time,I needed a little break :)

Friday evening I finally headed down the hall and into my sewing room.  The idea was to make a small quick project that didn't take long to finish.  A doll quilt fit the bill just perfectly!

The print on the backside is a little busy so I added some strips of prints from the front side.

The inner corners,with the pink and brown prints,were already sewn up and just sitting on
my sewing table waiting for the right project to use them in.  The points on my green and
brown triangles ended up getting chopped off,but I still like how this turned out :)  It will be
going in my shop soon!

While we were in Cali the RedBuds were in full bloom!  I miss seeing them like this.

A parting shot for you.  This is an Historical Site on I80 in Nevada,sorry I don't remember
exactly where it is,even tho I have passed it many times in my travels back and forth.


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