Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another one bites the dust! (UFO that is)

Remember my Modern V quilt from last
Well  it is finally finished!  Yay :)
I worked on getting this quilted and bound
for the better part of the day today.

Mr. P was busy,so I just tossed it over the fence
for the photo,as soon as I snapped it a gust of
wind blew the quilt off the fence.  LOL!
Perfect timing.

Here is a shot of it rolled up on the kitchen table.
See that glare on the table,it is the Sun!  We had a nice
taste of spring here today!  It was wonderful,I even opened
up a couple of windows for a little while :)

On Saturday I finished up this western Checkers game.
It is bigger than the previous one,not sure I like it as much.
The kings have buttons on them,white on the blue pieces,
and red on the red pieces.  I am thinking that I should have
used a different color.

However,I didn't and since it is already listed in my shop,
guess it doesn't really mater.

This set I finished up on Friday night.  I really like how this
one turned out!  It is so crisp,the pieces just stand out so
much better on it.

Here are the kings for the black and white set.

I was hoping to get my QAL block done this weekend but,
since I spent so much time on the Checkers games,the
Modern V quilt,and listing some more things in my etsy
shop,that did not happen.  So maybe Monday or Tuesday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
You still have time to enter my Giveaway it you are
interested :)


  1. Cute checkerboards and congrats on finishing your beautiful UFO!

  2. Your Modern V quilt is very attractive. Love your checkers sets, very fun! Congratulations on your finishes!


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