Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You make my Heart Spin Valentine Mug Rug

Happy Anniversary Bebe!
Yes I know it is Valentines Day,however it is also mine and
Mr. P's wedding anniversary today :)

Would you like some coffee and cinnamon macaroons for
desert???  Mr. P did ;)

I have 3 more of the center squares made up,one is like this
one,except the heart is a little different.  The other 2 are made
from different fabrics.  Now to get them finished like this one!

I also finished another sewing project but that is tomorrows
post  ;)

In other sewing news I also finished my bee blocks for Stash Bee
for this month.
However I Screwed up big time on my blocks for Sew Bee Blissful! :(
Sarah the queen for this month was very sweet and is sending me
more fabric.  I feel so Horrible about it tho!!!  So much so that I have
even thought about dropping out,but that would not be fair to
the rest of my bee mates.  So I am hoping and praying that I Do
Not mess up again!

Every time I start a new queens blocks I get nervous,the only
time I don't is when using my own fabric to make the blocks.

Is this just me???

Happy Valentines Day :+)


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day! Beautiful mug rug! Looking forward to seeing more of the projects you have finished.

  2. What a lovely Valentine Mug Rug. Happy Day to you!

  3. Accidents happen to the best of us!! Please don't drop out you would be sorely missed! Happy Valentine's Day! I love your mug rug!


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