Friday, February 3, 2012

Pretzel Bites,Sunflower Butter & Squishie mail too!

Have you ever thought about making your own Pretzel Bites?
NO?  Well I have,but never found a recipe that I
wanted to try.  That is until yesterday evening!
This evening instead of heading down the hall to sew I
stayed in the kitchen and whipped up these (photo above).

Mine turned out flatish on the bottom,and baked more on
the bottom.  The top is supposed to get golden brown,however
since my oven and I have a love/hate relationship that did not
happen.  (see right side of photo)  So half way through the
recommended baking time I turned over the Pretzels on the
second cookie sheet.  (left side of photo) so they look
more like bagel bites.  They taste great tho!
You can find the recipe at lifesblessons blog 

Are you one of those people who do Not like Peanut Butter?
It just so happens that I am.  Usually I make my own
Almond Butter,but a while back Karen from Oh My
Gluten Free Goodness,and (Sew Much 2 Luv) posted a
Recipe  for Sunflower Butter.  I have been wanting to give it a
So I did.  Let me just say that I really like it A Lot!  I  just
happened to have a bag of roasted,salted sunflower seeds in
the pantry that I used instead of roasting my own.  So I
cheated a little bit,but who cares anyway,right?
Let me tell you that if you make either Almond or
sunflower butter yourself,as opposed to buying it at the store,
the savings are Huge!

Squishie Mail!
Yesterday I received 3 packages in the mail,Oh happy day :)
This Sweet little snowman block is my last one from the
Christmas Block Swap I participated in.
I Love it!  Mr. P loved the cute and yummy goodies that
came with it ;)

The second package is my twill measuring tape trim.  I
took advantage of the discounts during the After Christmas
Sew Along,for these little trims.  Not sure what they will be
going on yet,but I will think of something :)

My third package was from the Zipit shop
also on etsy.  They were another sponsor
that offered a discount!  So I now have 25
pretty new zippers.  The cool thing is that
I also received a sweet lil zipper pull for free!

That's all Ive got.  Hope you all have a
super weekend!
I am off to dig into those Pretzel bites,and some
Sunflower Butter too ;0)


  1. Your recipes look so good! I love peaunt butter, but I also LOVE other nut butters too! Thank you for sharing the recipes.

  2. So glad you like the sunflower butter. I don't think I could live without it :) What fun mail you got this week! Love it all!!!


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