Sunday, January 22, 2012

January blocks for Sunni

This is my first ever tree block!
It is also the first tree block that I made for Sunni over at
Love affair with my Brother
She requested Tree of Life blocks for her month at
Stash Bee

Block number two,this block just came together as I went
along.  Unlike the first one which I had an idea for since
learning that we would be making tree blocks.

My improv Signature block.

All three blocks!

Hope Sunni likes them :)


  1. So fun and creative! Love them both!

  2. Both of your blocks are awesome! It's especially impressive that you did them without any patterns, these would make such cute pages in a children's book, or quilt blocks, or even book bags.

  3. These are so nice, CeLynn...I love the owl tree!

  4. Wow, lovely blocks! Bet you aren't going to be able to stop making these. You have a million ideas swirling around in your head right now, right?


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