Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can't see the forest for the Trees

My first project for the after Christmas Sew Along is trees! Yep,the Christmas kind.

 I purchased six cones sometime before the Holiday madness started.  The plan was to get them made and use them as name holders...
 That did not happen!  So when I saw that Karen over at Sew Much 2 Luv was having an after Christmas Link party,for all the things we wanted to make for Christmas,but didn't have time too.  I jumped on the band wagon(so to speak)!
All 6 of my cone trees.
 Also on my list were these super cute little yoyo trees. I also made 6 of them,although there are only 4 in the above photo.
  These are a great hand sewing project that can be done in the car,while traveling :)
 You can leave them like this,and just use them as a shelf or table decoration/place setting.
You could also add a hanger to the back at or near the  top and make an ornament out of them.
Here are all my trees,or my very own forest!
If you want to get in on the fun,you can still join!


  1. Neat, and you're ready for next year- decorations without the stress!!!

  2. I'm a Stash Bee mate and now I'm following you!

  3. Love the yo-yo trees. I'm a fellow bee and now a follower

  4. Super cute! Now you'll be ahead for next Christmas :)


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