Saturday, December 10, 2011

Once upon a time....

When Jolene was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye,I bought seven
little Reindeer,with muslin bodes and resin heads,and legs,on Clarence
at a store called Sprouse Ritz.  (I know I am dating myself ;)

The plan was to find some doll clothes in Christmas prints,dress them up.
Then I was going to give one each to,my husband's four sisters,his mother,my mom,
and keep one for myself.

However as the best laid plans sometimes do,this one went awry.  Even tho I looked
at all the local,and not so local stores,there were no dolls clothes that would fit my
little reindeer!  So they were put away for a future Christmas.

Fast forward to Last year...
There is a lady that works at the store where I work,she is also a
crafter,and is an Awesome Crocheter!  So last year when I pulled
out all my Christmas decorations I came across these little guys
and decided to ask her if she would be willing to crochet clothes
for them.

She said that she would give it a go :)  but would have to do
so in between her own crafting projects.  Which I had no problem
with at all. 
After all they have been in my Christmas totes for at least 23 years
already!  Besides she was doing me a favor by even trying to make
the clothes.

This evening I stopped by her house to drop off some mini ornaments
that I had picked up for her in the city.
She pulled out these four and said that hopefully she will have the
other three done before Christmas!
This is one of the two boy's she is making,the other five will
all be girls.  She asked if this was alright,because it is much easier
to just crochet a dress.
I am totally okay with that!  Especially since it will be easier for her.
I am just ecstatic that these will Finally be part of my Holiday decor
after all these years!!!
Below is "S" Mountain
Tenderfoot Mt.
Spiral Mt.
And at this time of year...

Christmas Mountain :)
Every year on the Friday night following  Thanksgiving
there is a Parade of Lights.  After the parade Santa Always
Flips the Switch that turns on Christmas Mountain.

Sorry about the two street lights in the photo,but this is the view
from my deck.  There is no way to get a photo with out getting the
street lights in there too :(

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will try to get some pictures of
"Holiday Park" and post them too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive weekend !


  1. So fun! I love when things like that finally have a home! What a sweet friend to make those darling dresses for you!

  2. The reindeer are so cute with their new little clothes. Amazing view from your deck. Bet that gets you AND keeps you in the Christmas mood!

  3. The reindeer are just too cute! I remember the store you found them in, unfortunately there isn't anything like that here in Ohio. There are more things than just the weather I miss from the West...LOL! Your Christmas Mountain is a fabulous site, Merry Christmas!


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