Sunday, December 18, 2011


Do you think Santa will mind that I ate a couple of his cookies??
hehehe ;)

A while back I posted about asking for a recipe as my "extra"
for my month in the Sew Bee Blissful Bee.
Well below are the first few of what I received!

First up are Cinnamon chip oatmeal cookies,this recipe came
from Lyanna over at Purple Panda Quilts.
I searched High and Low for the Cinnamon chips so that I could
try out this recipe!  I finally found some last night at City Market.

This is recipe is a keeper :)

Last night I also made Marshmallows,for the first time ever!
Mr.P and I had some homemade marshmallows at the craft fair,and
Mr.P requested that I make some this year.
I found the recipe here

As requested I dipped them in chocolate,or should I say,peppermint,
Andies cream de menth,cinnamon chips,cherry chips,and milk
chocolate.  Three of which are pictured above.

Here is the bowl of all the marshmallows.
Mr. P wanted me to cut ours around 2 inches square,as
opposed to the 1 inch the recipe called for.  So we
ended up with about 45 marshmallows instead of 96.

This is what is left of the cherry/chocolate chip,pecan bark that
I made on Wednesday of last week.

These are Peanut Sweeties,I make these every year,they are one
of Mr.P's favorites!

Here they are all dipped in milk chocolate.

Chocolate covered pretzels.
I used up all the left over melted chocolate on the pretzels that were
left from making the Peanut Sweeties :)
They are yummy!

Next up Fudge.
This recipe came from Melissa,over at Sew Bittersweet Designs
This recipe got the stamp of approval from the Sweet Tooth of
the house,and me too of course!

The last Sweet of the day,is Peppermint Fudge,Which is going
to be a New Tradition if I have anything to say about it,and I Do ;)

Now the trick is to Not eat too much of all this Low Calorie  goodness!
Ha,yeah right ;)


  1. I am planning to make some homemade marshmallows, too, sometime in the next week! I sure hope they turn out well. I had been wanting to make them, but wasn't willing to put in the mixing effort until I bought a kitchenaid mixer. I hope mine turn out well, like yours did!

  2. Wow CeLynn, you have been very busy in the kitchen! It all looks so good. I didn't even think about the fact that it might be possible to make homemade marshmallows. Enjoy!

  3. I can not ever come anywhere near your house!!! All looks so yummy! :)

  4. Peanut sweeties recipes please!?!
    I want to be at your house, and all those sweets look great.
    I need to dive in to the holiday baking now that classes are out : )


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