Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spruce it up,in progress

Remember my Winter Stitching List ??
This is one of the patterns on my list of  things
to get done this winter.
It is called Spruce It Up,the pattern had a green tree.  Now green
is my favorite color,however Mr. P is the one that spotted the
display at the quilt shop.  I was busy looking for fabric for my
table runner swap,when I heard him say "wow,that is so cool"!

Now when your hubby
1. goes to the quilt shop with you (inside,not sitting in the car)
2. looks around at the fabric                                                             
3. points out a certain fabric or pattern                                          
You Need to
A. Pay Attention                    
B. Buy said pattern or fabric
C. use the fabric/make the pattern

So since his favorite color is blue,I decided that my "Spruce"  should
be blue.  The nice thing is that I just happened to have some blue/silver
Christmas fabric in my stash :)

The photo does not do this justice!!!  However,since I get home when the sun
is going down.....
I say in progress because it still needs to be sandwiched and quilted,and
I still need to make the presents and sew them under the tree.

The display at the store did not have decorations on the tree.  Mine does,
which in my opinion makes it look more like a Christmas Tree!

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  1. I very well understand the husband coming in the quilting store and making recommendations! Sometimes I can't get what's on my list done for having to let him show me things!
    I like the blue and silver, a more modern Christmas!
    Curious to see it finished!

  2. I'm in awe that your husband will go in the quilt shop willingly with you. Mine only ever goes in begrudgingly. You are right though, whenever he picks something out - I listen and do, because it means he is showing interest and will like whatever I am making! Can't wait to see your Spruce it Up all finished!

  3. It looks great! I think it's cool that he went with you AND looked around AND thought something was cool! My B/F is my "creative consultant". He's not crafty but he helps me choose things as well as being a great judge of if things will fit me just by holding it up, I'd say he's only guessing but he's never been wrong so.. :)


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