Sunday, November 13, 2011

Place mats finished!

 Finally finished the place mats for Mr. P and I!
This one is mine,I started out with the flying geese
quilt block,and then added some of the same fabrics
in a crazy type border along the sides.

This is Mr. P's place mat.  I started out with the same center
block and then added the blue & gold strips along the sides.

Yesterday we went to the springs (city) and shopped all day.
Mostly we went thrifting,which was quite fun!  We hadn't
done that for a couple months.

We found plates for making more bird feeders,Mr. P sold 3
to one of the ladies in the office where he works!  She is going
to use them for Christmas gifts.
So we needed more plates and jars,since we are planning on
taking some to the craft fair on the 3rd of Dec.

Anyway it was extremely windy here this weekend.  We had
High Wind advisory's all weekend.  When we arrived at the
last thrift store it was already dark.
So this isn't the best picture (took it with my cell phone)
What you see is a Huge pile of Tumble Weeds!

They were all in front of the Ace Hardware store next to the
thrift store we went to.  They were also all the way down the sidewalk
in front of the other stores.

Today we found out that there were wind gusts of 100 miles per hour!!!
All I know is that it was Crazy Windy!

By the way,Followers,if you haven't entered my giveaway
yet,you still have a little time!

I will announce the winner tomorrow evening :)

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  1. The placemats looks great! I find it very hilarious that the Ace was basically blocked by a huge pile of tumble weeds!!


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