Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pinecone Ornaments finished

Remember this picture from this post?  Go ahead,check it out.
I will wait ;)
okay you back? 
Today I needed a little break from all that sewing lately.
So decided to finish these up.
Here is the first 3 that I did.  In all there are 12
but somehow I only took photos of 9 of them
for some reason.

The three red ornaments,one large and two small

Three of the smallest ornaments that I make.
I am happy to have these done as they will be
some of the first things listed in my New soon
to open etsy shop!  Which will be named

The only bad thing about this project is that
when I was almost done with these I totally
burnt my pinky finger on my left hand,thank goodness
it wasn't my right!  Anyway I fried it so bad that it is
blistered,even tho I put mustard on it immediately!

So the moral of this story is,be extremely careful when
using glue guns,as they can burn you quite badly :(
I have burnt myself many times before,but never this

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  1. These are so adoreable! Sorry you burned your pinky, I have never heard of putting mustard on it, that is interesting!

  2. Very cute! Can't wait to see your etsy shop! Bummer about the burn. That hurts so bad :(

  3. The ornaments are super cool! I love that little flocked bear in the second picture. When I was a kid I used to buy them at the Ben Franklin a few miles from my house. They were like 25 cents or something. I'm sorry you burned yourself.. Up until 3 years ago I worked in the QC lab of an industrial adhesives company, I know more about burns from hot glue than I want to think about. My advice is to put aloe on it. Hope it feels better soon :)

  4. I'm so excited for you that you are opening an Etsy shop! That's great! I bet these little pinecones will be a hit b./c they are CUTE! Thanks for linking @ This Week!


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