Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Score,a finish & a Giveaway!

As a general rule Mondays are not such great days.  However today was a pretty good day considering
the fact that is was a Monday.  About mid-morning the lady that is the Manager of the Housewares/Domestics dept. at work came over to talk to me.  She asked if I would be interested in having
the curtains that she had received to put up as displays!  Since she has no way to display them,she usually just
throws them away!

For some reason this time she thought about asking if I would like to have them.  (she knows that I sew and craft)
This is the loot that she gave to me today!!
Check it out,there are 20 packages there.  So I have 20 single
curtains for me to play with.  She was thinking that maybe they
might be used to make throw pillows,which is a great idea!
Talk about a wonderful Score!
This is a heavy cardboard barrel that Mr. P brought
home for me today!  Score # 2 on a Monday no doubt.
It is around two feet high and one foot in diameter.

My finish!  Remember this summer when I posted about making
this Twister mini-quilt?  Well this evening I finally made the
binding for it and sewed it on.  Now it just needs to be washed,
and it will be ready to find a new home!
(thinking of putting it in my soon to open etsy shop)
I added tabs on the back so that it can be either a wall hanging
or a table mat.

The giveaway!!!
Sometime recently when I wasn't paying attention I hit FIFTY!!
Followers that is ;)
So to show my appreciation for all you lovely peeps I decided to
give one of you these three fat quarters :)

Since this is in appreciation of my faithful followers I will only pick
one of the Fifty peeps who have already been following my blog.
After all that is only fair,right?

How do you win these,you ask?

Well,remember the barrel in the second photo?
Leave me a comment on how I might use it in my sewing/craft room.
Simple as that!

I will announce the winner Next Monday ~ Good Luck


  1. Hmmm I say you cover it with some yummy fabric and use it for your selvages!

  2. I would cover it and use it as a scrap bin :) Congratulations on your 50 followers!

  3. That is quite a score! Don't you just love it when the hubby brings treasures home? I know I do! I would attach a ruffle or pleated fabric around the outside of the barrel and then have the hubs cut a circle out of plywood a bit larger than the opening. I'd pad it and cover it with fabric and have an extra seat in my sewing room that doubles as storage :) (that is depending on how sturdy it is)

  4. Cover the tube of course but if you have a salvage piece of wood, glass etc, the tube would make a nice base for a little side table. Or maybe even a child height table.... or if you get the cardboard good and solic... use as a pot out on your patio... now my brain is storming.... :-) But that's good.

  5. I would store my fiberfill, quilt batts, or pillow forms in it. I would also decoupage scraps to the outside and shellac. Be sure to post what you do with it! Thanks for the chance to win : )

  6. I would make a very pretty wastebasket for all those pesky threads! I enjoy your blog, and thank you for the chance to win.


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