Monday, October 24, 2011

Yay,squishie mail!

First up is this Super Cool Zip bag and a smaller snap pouch
Isn't this awesome fabric?  I love how Melissa at sewbittersweetdesigns
combined all this different fabric to make this zip bag :)

This is the other side of the zip bag.  I really love how you could
have either side be the front side,as they are both equally beautiful.
Even tho this side has more green,I love both sides and can not
pick a favorite! 
So I guess the whole bag is my favorite :)

The little snap pouch has 3 different spaces for cards,such as
credit cards,or loyalty cards.  Melissa added decorative stitching
on the edge of each slot.  She used a pearl snap too!

I signed up for her Pay ~ It ~ Forward a while back ago and had
forgotten about it!
I on the other hand will probably not be able to get to my Pay ~ It ~ Forward
until after the first of the new year when things slow down :(
However I will get to it!

This is my second squishie that was in the box today!
It is my second block for October from the Christmas Block
Swap/Exchange that I joined here  Come join the party!

I am so happy with this block,I just love how the geese draw
your eye into the center of the block!  Also this will go nicely
with the other blocks as the colors in the other blocks are
also blue,silver and white.  :)

This is the first block that I sent out this month.  my partner
received it today,so I can now show it off here :)
She wanted traditional Christmas colors and,she also requested
this specific block pattern.


  1. How exciting. Isn't it fun to get squishy mail. You have received some lovely things

  2. Boy am I behind on commenting, but with that to-do list from the last post, will you even have time to read this? Your owls coming home to roost remind of H. Potter. The blue geese square today puts me in mind of a lovely and intricate origami flower. My blog buddy Chancey has been doing some squares similar to those you posted on 10/17. Here blog is I think you'll like them.

  3. Thanks for spreading the love. I hope we have some new members at CBS!

  4. I'm so behind in commenting - sorry, we have company this week! I am glad that you got your presents and that you like them! Can't wait to see what you whip up for your pay it forward gifts :)

  5. That blue block is beautiful! Exactly the sort of colors I like, what a nice Christmas theme.


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