Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This & that

Today I shipped Gil a little something to keep
him cozy while he waits for me to get his quilt
He requested eagle,globe & anchor fabric.
Since I have to find some he will have to make do
with this for now.

His favorite NFL team is the Raiders,so I decided
to use it on the back side of his fleece blanket.

This was the favorite choice of most of the
peeps in the Table runner/wall hanging swap
that I am in.
This and the next 2 photos were test blocks that
I made.

This one had a few positive votes,but not many.

This one also had a couple yes votes,but the first one was
definitely the favorite.


  1. I love the last one - so bright and cheerful! Did Gil like his fleece blanket?

  2. What a great fleece blanket! I'm sure he will love it while waiting for his quilt. Love your test blocks. Looks like a fun pattern.

  3. Looks like you have been busy! It's all wonderful!!!!

  4. I think this blog is missing a cherry chip scone recipe...... : (
    I finally just finished copying down the recipes of yours that I use the most onto paper so that when I cook I don't imperil my computer whilst I have it on the kitchen counter with your blog up. : )
    But seriously, cherry chip scones........

  5. Oh yeah and I like that third one best. It is a really nice color combo.

  6. I love all the fabric you have pick for your Table Runner Swap. Your partner will be very lucky.

  7. Enjoyed chatting with you today. Always like checking out your ideas. I think I like the top and bottom block best in your samples. Anxious to see your sons finished quilt too. I have had many military friends and believe it or not, I once wanted to join. I have great admiration for their service. --Quiltpecan


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