Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pics of Midas & some sewing

Today after work Midas finally was still long enough for a
couple of pictures!
In this one it looks like he is talking,as his mouth is open.

See my plant there covered with plastic?  It seams that Midas
thinks that this (and my other large planters are an alternative
litter box!  NOT!  So for now the plastic will stay,and Midas
will stay Out!

There was a squirrel running back and forth on the fence outside
the windows.  Midas was trying to figure out how to get beyond
the window to the squirrel.  It was quite comical!

This is a project that I worked on this evening.  It is not quite
finished yet.  Although it is all quilted and bound.
More on that later.

Here is a view of the backside.
I just used a zigzag stitch to quilt it with,because the front side
has printed zigzags in between the snowman and the other blocks.
As you can see from the photo I need a whole lot more practice
in the binding area of quilting.
So I will just keep practicing.


  1. Cute snowmen. Midas seems completely moved in and ready to take over!

  2. Midas is one cute little kitty! Love your new little quilt.

  3. Cute kitty and very cute snowman quiltie too!

  4. super cute kitty! they are so fun when they are babies, our cat is 13 years old and crabby! Have fun!


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